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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pieces from my Quilt Journey

This is my 1st Grandaughter Rashele and her Uncle Danny.  This quilt was made for my gorgeous Niece Shiloh!

This quilt was made for my Sister Kathy who felt it would be more fitting for her 1st Daughter Rachel so that is who now owns it.  It is the tennessee star block or 54-40 block by Eleanor Burns. 

This is my Grandaughter again on Uncle Danny's first Christmas Quilt, doesn't she make the quilt more beautiful!?

This is Lil' Miss Kiki who is now a member of our Family.  My Sister Cindi who has a heart for children adopted her and this is the adoption quilt which had a poem that I wrote for her along with it.

This is my handsome Nephew Chris. Interesting quilt I did for him I might add!

Of course, this is my 1st Grandaughter and the 1st Quilt I ever made!

This is sweet MacKenzie!  She is the Niece of Heather and Grandaughter to Ann.  Her Mother is Ann's daughter Becky.  Praying for you Becky!

The top one is the birthday quilt about my Mom and this bottom one is a log cabin that my Mother now owns.  I know why I gave it to her, its very personal.