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Friday, October 26, 2012

This quilt was made for my beautiful Niece Melony in Colorado.  It has several names to its pattern, one being the Charleston.  The one that stands out for me tho is the hugs and kisses pattern; for all the hugs we've missed in the years not seeing one another and a great big smoochie to her heartfelt memories.  Love You Melony    This is a pic of my quilting room on a breezy cool day!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quilting Seasons

I took my new blog page title from some encouraging words from a group I belong too on (in)courage.  A few of the women have talked about being in a "season" of their life.  Which is where I am at and feel I have always been in; just didn't know how to describe it till now! What I am going to do is talk about the quilts I am doing and why that quilt/quilting is important to me.

I watched a video on community today and how it can break or it can heal you.  And I wondered how I might have been doing this all along my adult life.   What can I do to create community for myself and en (in) courage it in others.

I hope you will follow along with each quilt I post and why it was made..  Quilting for others is my community and certainly staying in my groups online as I journey thru this season in quilts and quilting the season I am in.

Monday, September 12, 2011


 The 2 quilts above have military clothing in them.  These are for my great Niece and Nephew Hannah and AJ whose Father was stationed in GA and has served overseas.  So grateful they are now living near my Sister again.  Their parents are Desiree and Andy.  Love them all!

 These next top 2 are for my Son and his soon to be Bride, Heather!  Which they are now married!  the blue one is their wedding quilt and the other one is for Heather in adoration of her Grandmother whom she misses dearly.  The fabrics are 30's Reproduction.
This last one is now one I call just for fun!   Sorry all the quilts are sideways...couldn't get them to turn.  I have 7 others I am currently working on and will post as completed.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bars of Courage

This quilt was made for Ann.  She is the Mother of Heather.  Heather is married to my Son Daniel.  This was made and titled for her as her favorite color is purple and she has tons of courage!

Sunbonnet Sue

These quilt pieces went thru a journey I had hoped would never happen, but it did.  Forgiveness came easy when I understood why these were taken.  She told me that Sunbonnet Sue's reminded her of herself and how she never wanted to show her face because of the pains she had which were emotional.  I am making her one in her favorite colors.  These blocks and many other Sunbonnet Sue blocks I continued to work on while praying for these to be returned went to my Sister Barb in quilt for her.

These need quilted

Tree is binded, Rasberry Sundae still needs binded

Throughout the evening the winds howled blowing snow in all different directions and before nightfall began noticing how this winter blessing of moisture was changing our part of the scenery.  I awoke the next morning anticipating anything of worse. This is the first thing I saw that morning when looking out the window from the upper level of our home. ......This Heart In the Snow!  
May it only take a brisk wind to change the scenery of ones heart....................just a simple thought

Monday, January 31, 2011

Pieces from my Quilt Journey

This is my 1st Grandaughter Rashele and her Uncle Danny.  This quilt was made for my gorgeous Niece Shiloh!

This quilt was made for my Sister Kathy who felt it would be more fitting for her 1st Daughter Rachel so that is who now owns it.  It is the tennessee star block or 54-40 block by Eleanor Burns. 

This is my Grandaughter again on Uncle Danny's first Christmas Quilt, doesn't she make the quilt more beautiful!?

This is Lil' Miss Kiki who is now a member of our Family.  My Sister Cindi who has a heart for children adopted her and this is the adoption quilt which had a poem that I wrote for her along with it.

This is my handsome Nephew Chris. Interesting quilt I did for him I might add!

Of course, this is my 1st Grandaughter and the 1st Quilt I ever made!

This is sweet MacKenzie!  She is the Niece of Heather and Grandaughter to Ann.  Her Mother is Ann's daughter Becky.  Praying for you Becky!

The top one is the birthday quilt about my Mom and this bottom one is a log cabin that my Mother now owns.  I know why I gave it to her, its very personal.